Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Day 41, Lewiston, ID

Just a short update today, as time is really short. But first, thanks to everyone for emails and comments. I will post pictures soon, because we will be in Portland soon, and then I will have time to sift through all my photos and see which turned out halfway decent. After leaving Missoula we did our last pass through the Rockies, and came through Lolo Pass into Idaho. The scenery during this bit of the trip was just gorgeous, although I'm not sure my pics can do it justice. On top of being gorgeous, after climbing up to the top of the pass, we had essentially 100 miles of downhill, all paralleling the Lochse River. Like I said-gorgeous and hopefully I was able to capture some of it in photos. I was so torn between just enjoying the downhill and getting some good pictures.

After our first night through the pass, we were determined to make it to Lewiston, ID, where the fore mentioned OCB waited for us. So we woke up yesterday morning, after putting in 100 miles the day before, and embarked on a 120 mile quest for the OCB
(the whole time the voices of my parents' were going through my head-my dad saying, oh you can make it before dark, you know you can, think of all that good dessert, and my mom saying, well, this is just ridiculous, why kill yourself for bad, cheap food?) . Let me just say right now that we failed. We pulled into Lewiston about 8:00, and called OCB to find out that they closed at 8:30! After 13 hours on the road, and 9 hours of actual riding we failed! Well, my butt hurt, and we were all hungry, but we held it together. We got directions to a place to camp, which turned out to be illegal, but we did it anyway, too tired to move on. The ground was so dry that I couldn't really stake in my tent (I'll have to put a picture of this up, because it looks ridiculous), and when I stepped out of my shoes onto the ground, and then into my pants, I got dry grass/hay stuck to the inside of my running tights, making everything very itchy indeed. Oh, and did I mention we were right across from a paper factory, with the smell of pulp strong in the air? Oh, what a way to end a 120 mile day. I probably don't even have to mention that we all slept VERY soundly nevertheless. And now that we're out of the mountains, I would venture to say that it is almost warm in the mornings.

Right now, surprise, surprise, Armin is at the bike shop, and Ross is with him, getting something fixed on his bike. After a stop at the grocery store, where I bought too much food as usual, and a stop at the post office, I climbed a MASSIVE hill, for about 3 miles to get to the library, just so I could update you all. But it's time to go back down the hill now and head on to Washington. Either tomorrow night or the next we are staying with a friend of Ross', and then on to Portland. I think we should be there by the weekend!


Mrs. Shu said...

Jules, If I were your parents, I will be very proud of you......... You are such a lovely happy person......... Such a lovely happy mind......... WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW for your 120-mile day.

Q_Monroe said...

holy hell! i don't even know what to say. holy hell seems appropriate. you did it you did it you did it! you are through the rockies. and you rode 120 miles in one day! holy.

probably all for the best -- i'm sure OCB is full of monosaturated high fructose bad for you stuff. wait till you get to portland to stuff your face with quality food.

thanks for riding up a 3 mile hill just to update us.


Bern said...

Hey Julie!!!!
I can't believe you're almost there!!!!!That is so fantastic!I am so impressed. Thanks for the postcard. How long will you be in Portland? Do you have an adddress there?

Marg said...

WOW - I cannot believe you did it!!. You are just so amazing. And I am sooooo proud of you - really.


danipoirier said...

Julie you are AWESOME!!! You should be sooo proud of yourself and you better brag about this for the rest of your life! Keep up the good work and be safe!

See you soon